Sourdough bread

Country sourdough-yeast bread

Yeast-risen bakery bread



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Bread accompanies every meal, so the quality and especially the taste are very important.

Is your local bakery lacking this quality ?
Or do you only have access to mediocre "fresh"French bread ?

The best and only solution:

Make your own French bread !

It takes a little time and patience to learn how to make good French bread. Don't be dismayed if the first few tries are not up to your expectations, it is completely normal until you get the "right touch".
Just like anything else, it is a learning process. One thing is sure however, once out of the oven, and sliced and tasted while still warm with some real melting butter it's too late : You will be forever addicted to fresh, homemade French bread.

We offer here three recipes :

Yeast-risen bakery bread
Easier to make than sourdough, it has the advantage of shorter rising time, thus quicker to get from start to finish.

- Country sourdough-yeast bread
Very quick and easy. I wish to thank Jérôme for this great recipe which gives us the opportunity to learn a few technical terms.

- Sourdough bread
Once you will have mastered over the above recipes, it becomes imperative to try this more traditional recipe. It takes longer to make (waiting for the dough to rise) and requires sourdough. The consistency and flavor of this bread, however will make you quickly forget the bland bakery yeast bread...

Above all, it is necessary to dispel the preconceived notion that Bread is a time consuming process. Making the bread takes little time, waiting for it to rise is the only lengthy process and you don't have to do anything, the dough does all the work!

And, of course, a big thank-you to Dany for all the good advice,

Sylvie, Joanne, Gilian, and Julien for the translation from french !